Ethereum is forming a bullish Shark | ETH to USD going to give another buying opportunity

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After formation of successful bullish butterfly pattern the price action has started the formation of bullish Shark pattern, sofar all Fibonacci sequence is going good as required for shark now the formation of last leg is in process and I am expecting that it will be also formed accordingly and soon the priceline will be entered in potential reversal zone.
The PRZ area should be used a stop loss zone if a complete candle stick will be closed below this area.
Volume profile of complete pattern is showing less interest of traders at this area.
But Stochastic is bearish and giving bear cross and MACD is turned weak bullish from strong bullish , so here I would suggest to wait for MACD to turn back strong bullish or if the MACD will be turned strong bearish then wait for to turn it back to weak bearish or wait for bull cross from stochastic then take the long position.
I have used Fibonacci sequence to set the targets.

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