Five things EVERYONE needs to know about Ethereum

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In this video we explain five essential concepts that everyone needs to understand about the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency. To learn even more about ETH, visit

➤ 0:00 – Introduction
➤ 0:34 – The Ethereum blockchain is more advanced than Bitcoin
➤ 1:10 – The Ethereum Virtual Machine (AKA "The World Computer")
➤ 2:00 – Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency
➤ 3:12 – Smart Contracts began with Ethereum
➤ 3:46 – Tokens – a multibillion-dollar industry
➤ 5:30 – Learn more with Finder

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To learn more about Ethereum or the ETH cryptocurrency, such as how it works, how to keep it safe, and how to use it, check out some Finder's simple guides below
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➤ Best ETH wallets

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