Sawcruhteez Streamz: Let's Take a Look at Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Sawcruhteez Streamz is a channel dedicated to technical analysis for Cryptocurrency, Gold as well as the S&P 500. This is an educational channel that is set out to teach sound money management techniques at no cost to the viewer. All statements / remarks are an opinion and should NEVER be construed as financial advice. Sawcruhteez is not responsible for the decisions that others make with their own money.

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I do the majority of my trading on Bitmex because they have: the largest insurance fund in the industry, my favorite user interface, no KYC requirement, BTC for margin, a maker fee and peer-to-peer funding rates (can get paid to hold positions)

Sawcruhteez will work for beer. If you have learned from the free content provided, or have otherwise found it valuable, then consider buying him a beer (Coors Light and Montucky Cold Snacks are his favorites). If you send crypto then he will convert it to beer based on current exchange rates.

Rates as of 8/12/19:

0.000264 BTC = 1 Montucky Cold Snack
0.0141 ETH = 1 Montucky Cold Snack
0.0333 LTC = 1 Montucky Cold Snack

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Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests!

Twitter: @Sawcruhteez
Telegram: @Sawcruhteez
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