Using Decentralization to Solve Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Problems? (Pledgecamp ICO Review 2019)

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Disclaimer: As required by SEC/FTC regulations, we are disclosing that this is a sponsored ICO review video and we did receive ~8 ETH. However, this ICO is not open to US persons. Furthermore, this is not financial advice nor a recommendation to buy or sell. ICO/crypto investments always carry risk and may have a high chance of failure, so be sure to do your own research beforehand.

Pledgecamp is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that aims to solve all the problems keeping current platforms like Kickstarter from really taking off. By utilizing blockchain, smart contracts, and their own token economy, they can add financial incentives to the entire crowdfunding process. This incentivizes creators to hit project deadlines/milestones, be transparent with their supporters, and focus on building a successful venture. Their team is super experienced in the crowdfunding world, having executed 3 successful crowdfunding projects so far. Furthermore they are advised by Randi Zuckerberg (among others) and have partnered with big name companies such as Metalab (for design) and Bitforex (for investment). If you're interested in finding out more about Pledgecamp and their upcoming token sale (ICO), then please check out the links below:


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