Vít Jedlička talks about the current state of Liberland

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Afterwords on Startup Nations Conference: Lessons for Ukraine, 14th of September 2019, Kyiv.

Vít Jedlička is the President of the Free Republic of Liberland. He proclaimed Liberland on 13 April 2015 and has since travelled all over the world to rally support. Vít will share the history and the latest developments regarding Liberland. Jedlička's working career ranges from sales and management to financial analysis and IT. Over the years he has developed strongs views on the role of the state in society. He considers himself as a libertarian with liberal views on individual freedom and the least state intrusion possible.

Ukraine has seen many upheavals in the last few years. What is missing in the debate is a clear direction as to where the country should be heading in the future. Old school politicians talk about change but are only sluggishly reforming the country at best.

This is why the first Startup Nations Conference will be held in Kyiv. We will bring more than one hundred people together to share ideas on how to create change from the ground up. Our goal is to inspire and empower you with creative ways how to advance freedom in society.

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